Optic Foliar Overgrow

Title: Optic Foliar Overgrow 1L RTU
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Optic Foliar OVERGROW is the only product on the market that is a dynamic, multi-purpose, ready-to-use spray that combines performance and growth with overall plant health. OVERGROW will also correct deficiencies and provide increased performance! Match that with the ability to spray in full sunlight, with no burning or the need to spray the undersides of leaves, and you have the only all-in-one spray with no negative side effects from leaf burn to residuals. OVERGROW then provides a full spectrum of NPK, micronutrients as well as a full complement of vitamins, sugars, amino acids and B1 to further increase growth and supplement further yield increases.

OVERGROW is the only foliar spray on the market to work synergistically with your plants to increase light intake, and nutrient uptake while also directly feeding the plant and preventing mould and bugs — all with the lights on — no damage or burning — and you only need to spray the tops of the leaves — OVERGROW… spray it, see it be-leaf it!


Spray Mother plants and Seedlings Every other day. Continue to spray 3-4 times per week through Grow, and up to week 6 of Flower.

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