OptiClimate 10000 Pro 3 Split

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The OptiClimate 10000 Pro 3 Split comes with the very same high performance of the OptiClimate Pro 3 for closed loop grow rooms, but rather than using water for cooling, the Split version uses an outdoor air conditioning unit. This works by sending the hot air to cooling coils, then the cool air is returned to the grow room allowing optimal temperatures to be kept. It also means that no additional plumbing or pipework is required and the Split version is an ideal set up if water supply, or drainage is limited.

The unit comes as standard with 8 meters of cooling hose that’s connected between the outdoor and indoor units (longer lengths are also available on request) and the entire set up has a cooling capacity of 10kw. The OptiClimate 10000 Pro 3 Split has a dehumidification capacity of 170 litres per 24 hours, and if temperatures are getting too low, don’t worry, as it also features 3 x 2000w heating to elements allowing temperatures to be maintained.

To recap, features of the OptiClimate 10000 Pro 3 Split unit include:

  • 1050 x 560x 500mm (Inside Unit)
  • 950 x 360x 830mm (Outside Unit)
  • 110kg (Inside Unit)
  • 2390w Power Consumption
  • 170 liters per 24 hours dehumidification capacity
  • 3 x 2000w heating elements
  • 8m cooling hose

Please Note:
The OptiClimate 10000 Pro 3 Split isn't always in stock so there may be a slight delay in the dispatch. For more information on availability, collection or delivery times, give us a call on 0161 273 5995.

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