PAR+ 275W Full Spectrum LED Board

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PAR+ Lighting systems feature all the latest tech. From Samsung horticulture leds to high-efficiency meanwell drivers and even multiple dimming options. The PAR+ 275 lighting system is designed for up to 90cm x 90cm and will effectively replace a 400w hps, allowing a reduction in running cost and heat to manage. PAR+ units are plug and play straight out of the box, waterproof and CE certified, conforming to the highest safety standards.

PAR+ horticulture products feature the latest high-efficiency Samsung LM301B and Osram LEDs, Top of the range Meanwell dimmable drivers and are waterproof and modular in design. Only the PAR+ boards offer such an extensive range of features. With a mixture of 3500k and 660nm (Deep red) LEDs. Our PAR+ horticulture boards offer a finely tuned, enhanced full-spectrum lighting solution. Fully CE certified.

PAR+ systems are completely modular in design. You can connect multiple PAR+ lights together in any way you like and create any array you can imagine, We provide extra mounting plates with every light and clear guide in the instruction manual.


Input voltage (auto sensing) 100-305v
Amps (AC) 1.2A / 230VAC
Total Wattage 275w
System Efficiency 2.3 µMol/j
Board Efficiency 2.7 µMol/j
Dimensions 185mm (W) x 700mm (L) x 80mm (H) including driver
Wattage 40w – 275w (Dimmable)
Coverage Up to 1.2m x 1.2m
Weight 6kg

Technical Specifications:

  • No assembly required on this product
  • Built-in dimmer ( Max power = 275w Minimum power = 25w )
  • 576 Samsung LM301H/b leds + 12x Osram deep red leds total
  • 288 Samsung LM301H/b leds + 6x Osram deep red leds per board
  • 3396K 86CRI
  • High quality passive heatsink for excellent thermal performance and silent operation
  • Waterproof design ( IP65)
  • Modular design, all Par+ light engines connect together for easy, future upgrades
  • High efficiency Meanwell XLG dimmable driver with dimming knob for easy use
  • Lower heat output than the traditional HPS equivalent
  • Full spectrum enhanced lighting<
  • Hang at 18-24″ in veg and 14-18″ in flower. We recommend dimming the light to start with


  • Passive cooling
  • No fans or moving parts
  • 3 year warranty
  • We recommend cleaning the light after every cycle to maintain light output. Use warm water.

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