Perlagro Lava Rock 30L

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Lava Rock is a great media for drainage and water retention. It is the best replacement for Clay Pebbles ( Leca)  Lava rock has neutral Ph. It can be used many times in hydroponic culture after washing. The bag contains a mixture of rock sizes, ranging from 0.5cm to 3cm.


  • Provides healthy root formation
  • Provides the plant to grow more vigorous
  • It is useful for water economy, prevents evaporation of water, creates low energy costs.
  • Provides higher quality water to the roots
  • It provides faster growth of microorganisms that make the nitrogen in the soil water-soluble so that the plant can take it
  • Resistant to insects, fungi and plant diseases
  • Rich in chemical minerals
  • It does not contain any toxic substances to plants
  • Can be used over and over again.

Lava Rock Usage in Agriculture Industry:

  • In land reclamation,
  • In plant cultivation in less soil or soilless environments,
  • In agricultural – green areas with limited water feeding.
  • Hydroponic & Aquaponic Growing Systems

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