Plant Magic Enzyme

Title: Plant Magic Enzyme - 1L
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Enzyme is another new product from the popular UK nutrient and supplement company Plant Magic Plus.

Using Enzyme at just 2ml per litre during mid-late vegetative growth and right through flower until flush, helps break down any dead roots and other organic matter in the growth medium or hydroponic tank preventing any root bound diseases forming. The plants are then able to use any available nutrients that become available once the matter is broken down. Think of using Plant Magic Plus Enzyme as recycling any unusable waste into additional food for your plants that’s quickly absorbed by the roots.

Unlike other enzyme products on the market, Plant Magic Plus Enzyme is none bacteria based. This means it can safely be used alongside tank and reservoir pathogen cleaners, like PYTH Tabz or peroxide based products, to completely eradicate the chances of root bound diseases like Pythium forming.


  • Breaks down dead roots & organic matter
  • Makes additional food available that’s quickly absorbed by the roots
  • None bacteria based solution
  • Safe to use with tank and reservoir pathogen cleaners like PYTH Tabz
  • Can be used in hydro, coco and soil


  • 2ml per litre to be used in mid-late vegetative growth
  • 2ml per litre to be used throughout flowering until flush

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