Plant Magic Plus Ignition

Size: Plant Magic Plus Ignition - 1L
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Introducing the latest products to the Plant Magic Plus stable is Ignition. Customers have been asking about a pre-flower boost supplement to complement the rest of the Plant Magic Plus range and they’ve responded with this UK developed product that’s packed full of bio-stimulants.

To be used during late vegetative growth through to the first 2-3 weeks of the bloom cycle at a rate of just 2ml per litre. Plant Magic Plus Ignition works by encouraging the plant to develop an increased number of flowering sites by boosting the production of natural sugars and oils, the result is improved plant health and higher yields at harvest.

Additionally, tests have shown that Ignition can also be used in late bloom to give the yield a final push when used alongside a PK supplement, such as Platinium PK 9-18, Bloom Boost or their popular Boosting Powder.

Time to give your plants that much needed pre-flower boost by adding Plant Magic Plus Ignition to your feeding regime.


  • Pre-flower boost supplement
  • A special blend of bio-stimulants
  • Increases sugar and oil production
  • Encourages additional flowering sites to develop
  • Improves final yields
  • Can be used in hydro, coco and soil


  • 2ml per litre in the final 2 weeks of the vegetative growth
  • 2ml per litre in the first 2-3 weeks of the bloom cycle
  • 2ml per litre in late bloom when used in conjunction with a PK supplement

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