CX Horticulture PMT Treatment - 100ml

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PMT uses a strategy known as induced resistance and stimulates the plant’s natural defences, encouraging it to defeat moulds – particularly Powdery Mildew and Botrytis (bud rot). If you discover any signs of Powdery Mildew – white, powdery spots – use PMT right away to avoid the infection taking hold. This mould is fast-spreading and can completely ruin your whole garden if left, but PMT will help your plant to rid of infection and control the spread.

This formula activates your plant’s natural defences, helping to protect it from disease and moulds. Using PMT as a preventative treatment is highly recommended. You can spray it from the second week of grow onwards (even on food crops) to protect your plant from both Powdery Mildew and bud rot.

PMT is non-toxic and safe to humans, animals and the environment.


Suitable for plants in any type of grow system and in any kind of growing medium.

Mix 10ml of PMT into 1 litre of water and stir thoroughly. Using a fine spray gun, spray plants from top to bottom ensuring all sides are fully covered. Spray during low-light conditions, ideally when the grow lamp has just gone out for the dark period, to avoid leaf burn.

As a preventative measure, spray your plants every 7 days, particularly in damp or humid conditions when your plants are their greatest risk from fungal attacks.

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