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The PowerPlant Mantis is an outstanding quality reflector that allows you to adjust the angle that your reflectors wings are sat at with the 5 different settings. It does so without compromising the robust strong design. The Mantis is created out of 94% reflective V53 material, ensuring high reflectivity resulting in optimal growth for your plants.


  • Increased reflector size compared to standard reflectors
  • Adjustable wing positioning – allowing growers to position the reflector wings to their requirements. The wings form a succession of perfect dual parabolic shapes when assembled. This enables the grower to focus light spread and intensity according to the plant’s individual needs.
  • Designed to centralise the bulb this means that the light is evenly spread from the centre, ensuring no shaded parts under the reflector. The light is centralised and the even spread means your plants experience evenly distributed light, ensuring consistency.
  • High reflectivity – the 96% V53 high reflectivity of the mantis is extremely high. Better reflectivity means more light available for your plants, which should provide a greater yield!
  • Easy assembly – no tools required, so it is simple to assemble and minimalises chances of wrong construction. Being able to easily assemble growing equipment means growers have less aggravation and know the equipment is correctly constructed in a busy grow room environment.
  • Doesn’t trap heat – the reflector ends, housings and other bulky structural supports have been eliminated and do not trap heat or restrict air movement around the lamp or growing area. The more heat that is not trapped, the fewer issues with heat you will have. The need for fewer fans to cool the grow room is also more economical and reduces noise output.
  • Quality builds, durable and keeps its shape – being durable and keeping its shape means that you can adjust the Mantis without permanently affecting its shape. The quality build ensures it isn’t flimsy and doesn’t break easily. Growers may want to change the position of the reflector to accommodate their grow’s requirements. Being able to adjust it without it breaking or being less effective is a benefit as this gives longevity to the product.


Connection E40
Max. Load 250V - 6A
Suitable for up to 600W HPS Lamps

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