Pyrethrum 5EC

Title: Pyrethrum 5EC - 250ml
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Pyrethrum 5EC is a 100% natural organic insecticide that is effective in the control and elimination of chewing and sucking pests, including aphids, blackflies, greenfly, whitefly, spider mites and caterpillars, its also safe to use on edible and non-edible fruits, vegetables and flowers and is approved by Organic Farmers and Growers.

Derived from the pyrethrum daisy, the active substance is pyrethrins which attacks the central nervous systems of all types of insects, causing them to either abandon their environment or when used in higher concentrations, can eliminate them entirely.

Pyrethrum 5EC is non toxic, leaves zero residue after use, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and edible fruits can be harvested after just 24 hours of using the treatment.


  • 100% natural organic insecticide
  • Effective in the elimination of chewing and sucking pests
  • Safe to use on edible fruits and vegetables
  • Leaves zero residue


  • 4ml per litre, apply as a foliar spray making sure the target areas have a good coverage, including upper and lower surfaces of the leaves and use until run off.

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