RAM Dehumidifier 12L

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The RAM 12L Dehumidifier is capable of removing up to 12 litres of moisture from indoor environments on a daily basis. It can be set to dehumidify constantly to dry out a specific area. Users can customize the target humidity and fan speed. Additionally, it allows for the attachment of a hose to drain the water into a larger bucket or a drain for convenience.

To maintain a specific humidity level, simply set the target Relative Humidity and the unit will work accordingly. You can also set a timer for up to 12 hours to turn the unit on or off. For discreet operation during the night, activate Quiet Mode to dim the display and use the quietest fan speed.

You have the option to either run the condensate continuously into a drain or collect it in the 2-litre tank provided. In case the tank gets full, an alarm will go off, and the unit will shut down automatically until the tank gets emptied.


  • Set target humidity (only turns on when it rises above the target - 30% to 80%)
  • Controls the humidity of your growing environment
  • Prevents dampness and mildew
  • Adjustable dehumidifying levels
  • Removes up to 12 L water per day
  • 2 L tank capacity
  • Optional continuous drainage
  • Easy to operate with electronic display
  • Can operate in quiet mode
  • Uses environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant 
  • Child-Lock feature to make the unit tamper-proof. 

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