RAM Dehumidifier 20L

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The RAM Dehumidifier has the capacity to eliminate up to 20L of water per day from an indoor setting. It can be customized to dry out a specific area, maintain a predetermined level of humidity, or be programmed with a timer through its user-friendly electronic interface. Additionally, it has a Quiet Mode option that reduces noise by dimming the screen and utilizing the quietest fan setting, along with a chill-lock feature to prevent tampering. The condensed water can either be collected in the 4.3L tank or drained continuously.


  • Removes up to 20L of water a day
  • Prevents damp and mildew
  • Can be set to dehumidify constantly
  • Can set a target humidity level
  • In-built timer
  • Has a Quiet Mode feature
  • Child-lock feature
  • Uses environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant
  • 4.3L tank capacity that turns the machine off once full
  • Electronic display that is easy to operate
  • Optional continuous drainage



Power Supply 220V-240V AC/ 50 Hz
Dehumidification capacity 10 L/day (Ambient Temperature 27°C, 60% Relative Humidity), 20 L/day (Ambient Temperature 30°C, 80% Relative Humidity)
Power Consumption 280 W / 1.7 A (27°C, 60% Relative Humidity) or 330 W / 2.3 A (30°C, 80% Relative Humidity)
Noise emission: ≤ 41 dB (A)
Noise Emission ≤ 41 dB (A)
Condensate Water Tank Capacity 4.3L
Maximum Refrigerant Charge R290 / 54g
Unit Overall Dimensions 305 mm width x 235 mm depth x 495 mm height
Unit Net Weight 13.5 kg
Maximum Design Pressure 3.2 MPa, Low Side: 0.7 MPa
Minimum Room Size 4 m² Floor Area
Ambient Operating Temperature Range 5° C (41° F) – 35° C (95° F)

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