Remo Nutrients MagNifiCal

Title: Remo Nutrients MagNifiCal - 1L
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Remo Nutrients MagNifiCal provides essential macrominerals to your plants, and does so quickly thanks to those minerals being super chelated. This formula was specially designed to speed up plant absorption rates, and it sure does the job. Your plants will be reaping the benefits within just a couple of hours after use.

Ingredients in MagNifiCal include chelated calcium, magnesium and calcium nitrates and two forms of iron chelate (EDTA & EDDHA). The magnesium will increase the availability and efficiency of phosphorus when used alongside Remo AstroFlower, whilst the two forms of iron chelate ensure that the iron is absorbed properly and stable in different pH levels. Calcium works to strengthen cell walls, increase cell division and increase overall fruit sizes. All important components to the overall growth of the plant in one product.

The multiple chelates in this formula result in a faster and more effective uptake and depending on your needs, you can use MagNifiCal as a regular additive or as a foliar spray.

Use in soil, coco and hydroponic systems.

You can download the feed chart for the Remo Nutrients below or visit their website to use the Remo nutrient calculator for a more personalised and in depth feed chart.

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