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Title: Remo Nutrients Micro - 1L
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Remo Nutrients Micro, Grow and Bloom base feeds have been designed with plant growth and health in mind, ensuring that all macro and micronutrients are easily accessible at all times. This foundation helps to give your plants a brilliant start, middle and end, helping to achieve maximised yields and tastes.

You can expect consistency with each product as only the best pharmaceutical grade minerals have been used, alongside marine extracts and high quality chelates. It doesn’t matter which system you use as these nutrients can be used in all soil, coco and hydroponic gardens.


Micro has been designed to be used throughout the full grow cycle, complementing the Grow and Bloom nutrients perfectly. Use in equal parts to complete the macro and micronutrients needed for brilliant growth. Micro contains a variety of elements, all working alongside Grow and Bloom to help with the final plant growth. This includes chelated (EDTA) elements such as calcium, manganese, iron and copper, as well as calcium in nitrate form, boron, iron and molybdenum.

Calcium EDTA especially will help to increase fruit production, reduce heat stress and, along with boron, will improve cell wall structure. All this results in stronger and hardier plants.


Use Remo Grow during the vegetative stage in equal amounts with Micro to give your plants their best start. It contains 1-3-2 base NPK plus magnesium, boron, and chelated manganese and zinc.


Remo Bloom has 1-4-6 base NPK with boron, molybdenum and chelated copper, manganese and zinc. The molybdenum helps to reduce stress on plants by converting nitrates to amino acids. The amino acids release aromatic flavours and improve pollination and fruit formation, giving you better and tastier yields at the end. Remo Micro can still be used throughout the flowering stage in equal parts with Bloom so ensure your plant is getting all necessary elements.

You can download the feed chart for the Remo Nutrients below or visit their website to use the Remo nutrient calculator for a more personalised and in depth feed chart.

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