Rhino Pro Carbon Filters

Title: Rhino Pro Carbon Filter 4" 100/300mm
Sale price£50.00



The Rhino Pro Carbon Filter is made with machine packed Australian RC412 carbon, meaning there’s more carbon and less movement in these filters. RC412 activated carbon is high quality and one of the best to control unwanted odours in your grow room.

Activated carbon has a highly absorbent surface area and as dirty air is passed through the filter the carbon keeps hold of the odorous particles, eliminating any smells.

With a 1.6mm aluminium top and base the Rhino Pro Carbon Filter is lightweight and small in size, making it easier to work with. Greater air flow is achieved with a 51% open area custom mesh, and the coned internal base.

These filters are sealed and boxed directly after manufacture for optimum lifespan, and will perform well for over two years. In addition to this, they come with replacement carbon sleeves to extend their life even further!


  • High quality RC412 activated carbon
  • Lightweight build
  • Effective in both high and low humidity
  • Will last for over 2 years


  • Rhino Pro 100 x 300 - 350 m3/hr
  • Rhino Pro 125 x 300 - 500 m3/hr
  • Rhino Pro 150 x 300 - 600m3/hr
  • Rhino Pro 150 x 600 - 900m3/hr
  • Rhino Pro 200 x 400 - 800m3/hr
  • Rhino Pro 200 x 600 - 1125m3/hr
  • Rhino Pro 250 x 600 - 1420m3/hr
  • Rhino Pro 250 x 1000 - 1900m3/hr
  • Rhino Pro 315 x 600 - 2440m3/hr
  • Rhino Pro 315 x 1000 - 3250m3/hr
  • Rhino Pro 315 x 1200 - 3600m3/hr

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