ROOT!T Propagator

Title: Rootit! Tray Only
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The Rootit! Propagator helps to create the perfect environment for those critical early stages of a plants life, so whether its for the germination of seeds or for rooting out clones and cuttings, a propagator is a must have item to help keep stable temperatures and high humidity levels.

The lid on the Rootit! Propagator is also slightly higher (190mm) than many other propagators on the market, which allows you to root out taller cuttings, or leave seedlings in slightly longer than usual, with the worry of them getting too big, too soon, prior to transplanting.

The lid also features 2 air vents while the base of the Rootit! Propagator fits 1 x SBS 77 or SBS 150 or 2 x SBS 24, it also has channels running throughout to avoid young plants and seedlings sitting in water.

Dimensions - 570mm x 360mm x 190mm.

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