ROOT!T Rooting Gel - 150ml

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Rootit Rooting Gel is a great product for helping to promote natural root development on delicate clones and cuttings. Although developed to be used with propagation plugs, such as Rootit’s own Fleximix or Propagation Sponges, it can also be used with any other cutting media, such as Root Riot’s, Rockwool, Stonewool or more traditional seedling soil mediums.

Using Rootit Rooting Gel couldn’t be easier, unlike other rooting compounds, whereby the cutting is coated with the gel before being transplanted, Rootit Rooting Gel is applied directly to the pre-made hole in the propagation plug, or if in a soil medium, make a small hole big enough for the cutting and fill with the Rooting Gel. Once the cutting is placed into the plug or medium, a seal is formed around the cut surface, this helps prevent the fresh cutting from becoming dehydrated, along with increasing its resistance to infection and helping with the absorption of any available food.

Rootit Rooting Gel helps speed up the first signs of root development and continues to aid the cutting into developing an abundance of faster growing and healthy roots until the seedling is established before moving it on to the vegetative stage of the plant life cycle.

The success rate of using Rootit Rooting Gel is high, but only if the plugs or medium stay moist and that the environment maintains optimum temperature and humidity levels to encourage root growth and development.


For optimum rooting results, it is important that your growing media or plugs are pre-soaked with water and ROOT!T First Feed, set up with dibble holes filled with ROOT!T Rooting Gel and are ready to accept the cuttings as soon as possible after the cut has been made.

Cuttings should be put straight into the growing medium to keep the auxins flowing down the stem and limit air getting to the open, cut end. Exposure to the air can cause an embolism and is a common cause of cuttings failing to root.

Make sure you apply enough rooting gel to the dibble hole to completely cover the base of the cutting and that there is no air around the base of the cutting. The rooting gel should spill out of the growing media and form a small mound on the surface.

ROOT!T Rooting Gel helps the cutting to establish by:

  • Sealing the cut tissue
  • Protecting initial root tissues
  • Protecting against disease
  • Feeding young roots

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