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Title: RVK 100mm (4") A1
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We all know the importance of good air exchange for indoor grow rooms to supply your plants with CO2 rich fresh air, to extract old, stale air and to also help with odour control. Good intake and extraction can also help manage room temperature and humidity levels, which is also a vital to getting optimum performance from your hydroponic equipment and also your plants.

The RVK in-line duct fans by SystemAir are one of hydroponics most recognisable names for manufacturing powerful, efficient and with low noise, grow room intake and extraction fans. They’re available in various sizes from 4” (100mm) through to 12.5” (315mm) and with two different power outputs, A1 (lower) and the L1 (higher).

These RVK extraction fans are made from extremely durable and tough 30% fibre glass reinforced polypropylene with an IP44 rating. RVK’s are also compatible with speed controllers, such as Variac and care should be taken matching your intake and extraction fan. If you’re in any doubt call us for free on 0800 038 7100 and we’ll advise on what intake and extraction fan would best suit your grow space.

A1 RVK fans have the following air exchange rates:

  • 100mm/4” - 175 m3/h
  • 125mm/5” - 225 m3/h
  • 150mm/6” - 420 m3/h
  • 200mm/8” - 750 m3/h
  • 250mm/10” - 845 m3/h
  • 315mm/12.5” - 1300 m3/h

L1 RVK fans have the following air exchange rates:

  • 150mm/6” - 680 m3/h
  • 200mm/8” - 950 m3/h
  • 250mm/10” - 1000 m3/h
  • 315mm/12.5” - 1800 m3/h

All RVK duct fans also come with a 12 month guarantee.


RVK fans are not wired therefore you might need to order a length of electrical cable, 2 core for 4” and 5” fans or earthed 3 core for 6” fans and above, along with a 13amp plug.

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