SANlight EVO 5 LED 320W Grow Light

Title: SANlight EVO 5-120
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With the EVO series, we present you the top-of-the-evolution chain in LED luminaires for the cultivation of plants. All experience from in-house and external research has been combined with the latest technology.

As a user, you benefit from maximum flexibility, best system efficiency and sustainable lifetime with the EVO series. No matter if you want to light a small area or a whole greenhouse. With the EVO series, we can offer you the right grow light for every application.

Of course, with the EVO-Series, we offer an advanced efficiency of more than 3µmol/J at the module level. However, much more attention was paid to the yield per area and time during the development. The spectrum was optimized as best as possible in countless empirical trials with plants. The resulting broadband light spectrum extends beyond the conventional PAR range. It offers a Far Red to Red ratio that positively influences photo-morphogenesis, and thus also the quality and quantity of the harvest.


  • Designed as a project luminaire for high spaces and open areas
  • Not designed for use in tents
  • CO₂ supplementation and dimmer advised for tent application
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Ambient operating temp.: 5-35°C
  • Max. relative humidity: 99%
  • The angle of radiation: 90-112°
  • Warranty3 years


EVO 5-120

Power 320W
Efficiency more than 3µmol/J
PPF 870 μmol/s
Weight 5.9kg
Dimensions 1018 x 291 x 116 [mm] (L x W x H)

EVO 5-150

Power 320W
Efficiency more than 3µmol/J
PPF 870 μmol/s
Weight 6.4kg
Dimensions 1318 x 291 x 116 [mm] (L x W x H)


Power cable not included. You can buy the power cable separately here.

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