Secret Jardin Tent DR150 R4 - 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.17m

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The Secret Jardin DR (Darkroom) Grow Tents come in a range of sizes, making it easy to find a tent that matches your growing needs. These grow tents each have a robust structure, various well-positioned ventilation and cable holes, depending on tent model, and easy access panels to make looking after your plants easier.

DR Grow Tents have 95% reflective Mylar lined interior walls, roofing and flooring ensuring maximum light intensity and dispersal for your plants. This lightweight and compact material is washable, both inside and out, and paired with a simple and quick assembly, this tent is easy to work with and look after.

The durable frame, with new engineered corners in polypropylene, is combined with a tough outer material to form a strong shell that allows a maximum load of between 50kg to 120kg depending on the model of grow tent used.

Spare parts are available with the new support tubes ranging from 16mm up to 19mm in diameter with 26% rigidity. Equipment bars and accessories can also be added to support kit such as grow lights, extraction fans and carbon filters, plus CableIT is used for handling cables onto the structure.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Level 3 Light Proofing and Mylar Lined
  • Washable material
  • Suitably placed intake, extraction and cable socks
  • Compatible with most hydroponic system


Weight 26.8kg
Dimensions 150 x 150 x 217 [cm]
Web Plant Support 1x WEBIT150
Ducting flange 2x Support Kit for poles Ø25mm (DF25)
2x CONNECTOR Ø200mm (DF25200)
Cable Flange 2x CABLE FLANGE Ø70mm (CF7D)
Handling 3x HANDLING, supporting up to 25kg on a single bar and 75kg per tent.
Length : 150cm
Accessories Included 1x Pair STRAPITT - Straps for filter
1x Pair HOOKIT - Hooks for lighting
20x CABLEIT - Clips for cables and nets
1x POCKETIT - Tools pouch with adjustable height
1x SPACE BOOSTER - To save place and support WebIT/WebTH
1x PATCHIT - To repair your tent or replace the DF16
Lighting Advised Level III (LED PE 2.7) = 600W
Level II (LED PE2.7) = 400W
Volume Tent 4.9m3
Extraction advised when the filter on* 1 min cycle : Extraction 650m3/h - Intake : 50 %
2 min cycle : Extraction 350m3/h
*If no filter, decrease by 40% extraction needs
Raw Materials Canvas M400D Mylar
Poles Ø25mmx0,6mm #201  Stainless Steel
Corners Thick 7mm PolyPropylen
Removable Fibered Liner 380g/1m2
Bottom & Bag made of PE600D

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