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Title: Shogun Fertilisers Samurai Coco A&B - 1L
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Shogun Fertilisers Samurai Coco is a complete coco nutrient feed to rival all others. With high grade nutrient ingredients mixed perfectly to maxmise coco performance, SHOGUN Samurai Coco also includes the revolutionary SmartZen Yield Maximiser and AquaZen Slow Water ingredients – two developments that are simply without equal in all other coco nutrients.

Shogun Fertilisers are proud to introduce two unique features; SmartZen Maximiser and AquaZen slow water formulations - both bringing the latest in cutting edge plant technology to further impose the superiority of Samurai over all other currently available fertilisers.


Trials with SmartZen Maximiser have proven yield enhancements of 6-8% over standard NPK formulas. SmartZen Maximiser dramatically increases photosynthesis leading to bigger yields and also significantly reduces heat stress.


AquaZen Slow Water formulation allows a superior water and nutrient distribution through coco fibre, leading to a better root development. This exciting formulation offers an increased nutrient and water penetration eliminating false drain.


Shake before use - Use in all active hydroponics systems. This is a complete nutrient feed when used in equal measures of part A and B throughout the vegetative and flowering stage.

Root Feed

Add at a rate of 2-4mL/L of part A and the same of part B to your nutrient reservoir or watering can (EC - 1.0-2.5). Coir requires approximately 20-40% Drain each day to keep the nutrients around the roots within acceptable concentrations. The drain conductivity should be between 0-15% higher than the input solution conductivity.

Safety Information

Store above 7c and away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. If this product comes into contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. If swallowed, drink copious amounts of water.

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SHOGUN fertilisers.


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