Spray2Grow Spidermite 500ml

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Spray2Grow Spidermite is a foliar spray concentrate that provides natural protection against spider mites and is safe to use at any stage of plant growth due to its organic composition. If you happen to experience a spider mite infestation, this product can help treat the outbreak, aid in the restoration process, and boost the recovery time of your plants.

Spray2Grow Spidermite contains plant extracts, such as garlic, that spider mites dislike, saponins, and salts, which enable the concentrate to combat spider mites in all forms, including eggs, larvae, and full-grown adults. Additionally, the nutritional elements present in the concentrate promote plant health, vitality, and a pest-free environment. Simply dilute the concentrate at a rate of 50ml per litre, with one 500ml bottle making up to 10L of spray solution.


  • Highly effective foliar spray for pest control
  • Natural protection against spider mites
  • Safe to use
  • Helps treat outbreaks
  • Aids restoration after an infestation
  • Increases recovery time
  • Kills eggs, larvae and adults
  • Improves plant health

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