Super Pro E1 Fan Controller With Probe

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The Super-Pro Air-Pro Fan Controllers are equipped with advanced digital temperature-sensing technology that allows growers to regulate the output of in-line duct fans. This feature ensures a controlled airflow in the grow room. The Air-Pro E1 Smart Controller is specifically designed to maintain a consistent temperature within the room by controlling airflow. The smart controller employs specialized motion flow software that reacts to the surrounding temperature. When the controller is powered on, it automatically adjusts the fan's speed to maintain the pre-set temperature. Apart from providing highly accurate temperature control, the controller also reduces fan noise and extends the fan's lifespan. The smart controller is easy to use, as it is a plug-and-play device that requires no wiring. Simply plug in the fan, set the desired temperature and minimum fan speed, and let the smart controller do the rest!


  • Advanced technology and high-end engineering
  • Eliminates fan issues with buzzing and humming
  • Accurate temperature readings
  • Maintains a constant climate
  • Simple to operate
  • Regulates minimum and maximum fan speeds
  • Comes with a free 5m temperature probe


  • Plug the smart controller into an electrical outlet
  • Place the temperature sensor in the centre of the room
  • Connect the fan to the controller
  • Set your desired minimum fan speed
  • Set your desired temperature

Minimum Fan Speed

The minimum fan speed is the lowest speed that the fan will run at. The lower the speed is set, the greater range the fan has to operate between. However, the fan may not run if the minimum fan speed is set too low. If this happens, make necessary adjustments to suit the fan type.

If you have the temperature control set to ‘manual’, or if you are not using a temperature sensor, the fan will run at the set minimum fan speed.

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