Title: Superthrive 120ml (4oz)
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Superthrive is an extremely versatile, non-toxic, liquid concentrate vitamin plant supplement that’s been used in agriculture and hydroponics with outstanding results since the 1940s.

By targeting the root zone, Superthrive not only promotes healthy plant growth and root development, its also an often go-to product to help revive plants that have been stressed due to over or under fertilisation, heat or cold stresses, along with any problems associated with transplanting. In fact, Superthrive is often used by many growers during the potting up stage, irrelevant of whether the plant is stressed or not, to encourage new and healthy growth.

Superthrive is not just a stress reliever as it can and should be used at every feed during the vegetative stage and right through flowering to promote healthy growth as well as bountiful fruits and flowers.

Superthrive, with zero NPK value, should also be used alongside your usual feeding regime as it is a supplement and not a stand-alone fertiliser. It can also be used in all types of growing systems whether hydroponics, coco or soil mediums. With being non-toxic, Superthrive is also safe to use as a foliar spray, simply apply it to the underside of the plant leaves to give them that extra growth and flowering boost.


  • A non-toxic and natural vitamin supplement
  • Revives plants that have been stressed
  • Encourages root development and growth after transplanting
  • Can be used during vegetative growth and bloom
  • Use alongside your usual feeding regime and nutrients
  • Suitable for all types of grow systems and substrates


  • 1 drop per 100ml of water, although this can change depending on the type of plant and the reason for using, so be sure to check out the usage guide on the Superthrive website.

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