Telos 0006 PRO Mesh Driver Upgrade

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Upgrade your Telos LED (0006 & 0010 PRO) to a Mesh model with the mesh driver. The kit includes everything you need to complete the upgrade.

Telos mesh drivers are the world’s first Bluetooth-integrated waterproof drivers for horticulture and when paired with the Telos Mesh software provide revolutionary new functionality for growers.

Traditional linking controllers have used ‘telephone wire’ cables to daisy chain a limited number of units together. Using a completely wireless system such as Telos Mesh you can reduce the set-up time and amount of clutter within the grow area. 

Conventional 0-10v dimming usually is a fairly limited technology that adjusts output in incremental steps by turning a knob on the driver or ballast. Changing the setting adjusts the brightness of the light by a consequence of changing the wattage of the power supply.


  • Wirelessly connect your phone to multiple Telos lights over a secure invisible Bluetooth network.
  • More powerful, dimmable and controllable from your phone.
  • Set sunrise or sunset to mimic the light
  • Schedule on/off periods without using a timer or contactor
  • Fully waterproof


Power up to 200w
Weight 1.5kg
Efficiency 2.4 μmol/j
Output Up to 480 μmol/s
Lifespan 85 000+ hours
Warranty 3 years
Country of manufacture UK
Control System Telos Mesh + App

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