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The Telos Growcast: a next-generation mesh grow light controller designed to help growers save energy and grow better plants, no matter what lights they have.

·         Only one Telos Growcast is needed per linked set of LEDs (eg. if you've daisy chained 6 lumateks, you only need one Growcast 

·         Set the exact light output from grow light (PPF)

·         Will display an average PPFD across the canopy

·         No more contactors or timers! You can set on/off schedules, as well as use a sunrise/sunset effect

·         Let's you connect up to 50 lights to a single device

·         Operates on a decentralized mesh network

·         Is controllable with your phone, and compatible with pretty much every major grow light on the market.

Growcast uses photometric data collected from different lighting manufacturers to calculate average canopy PPFD values so you can create data-driven PPFD schedules for each cultivar and for every stage of growth.

Different grow light manufacturers use different “dim-in” ports for their lighting designs. Traditionally most grow lights have been designed with an RJ11 port, however, many newer grow light designs use a waterproof M12 push lock connector. The Growcast has a native M12 connection but also includes an RJ11 adapter included in the box to fit either option.

Telos Growcast is compatible with many different grow lights from a wide range of manufacturers. The included Growcast RJ11 adaptor allows you to connect the Growcast to most major lighting brands. Some manufacturers use non-standardised connectors for their dimming ports. 

Grow more efficiently with data driven control

Optimise your lighting levels to maximise growth whilst saving energy. The Precise PPFD control inside Telos Mesh allows growers to follow a lighting schedule in a similar way to existing feed/nutrient schedules. Growcast can help you get the most from your existing grow lights by keeping lighting levels below the light saturation point of your plants, avoiding energy wastage.

All Plants have what's known as a light saturation point. This is the point at which they have received too much light and the plant stops photosynthesising. Plants naturally recover from reaching their saturation point and can stop/start this process several times a day, but recovery time varies plant to plant. Once a plant reaches its saturation level, lights which remain on are simply wasting energy, as the plant can no longer use this light to photosynthesize.

Plants that are regularly over-saturated can develop slower due to the time required to recover from over-saturation. This effect can create a vicious circle where growers see slower development and try to add more light to remedy the problem which further slows development and wastes energy, incurring additional growing costs.

By keeping the light level below the saturation point for each week of growth the plants will grow noticeably faster and transpire less, reducing environmental management and water use. Below is an example of a PPFD schedule for short-day medical cannabis plants which was developed by Telos in collaboration with one of our research partners.


Connection Interface LLT Connector + RJ11 and linking adaptors
User Interface  Smart-phone app or manual control via touch sensor
Dimming Range 10-100% & Dim to off
Dimming Protocol 1-10v or PWM
Input Power USBC cable or 12v supply (From LED driver)
Wireless Technology Bluetooth Mesh version 5.3
Control App Telos Mesh
App Availability Android and iOS
Ingress Protection IP66
Dimensional Data 32 x 32 x 22mm
Weight 80g
Cable Length 250mm
Manufacturers Warranty 2 years 


  • The first fully decentralised mesh technology for growers

No Wifi, Master controller, or timers are needed.

Growcast uses a new, wholly decentralised Bluetooth control technology called Telos Mesh. Plug your device in and tap “add”  in the Telos app and the networks created.

Each new Growcast added to the network increases the range forwarding of messages to other devices rather than reporting back to a central router or controller.

  • Universal compatibility

The Growcast doesn’t use proprietary connections that force you to buy a specific brand of grow lights. We aimed to make a universal controller that could connect to any dimmable light on the market.

  • Optimise your lighting schedules with Precise PPFD

Right now most growers are using dimmers that display a percentage that is completely inaccurate to the actual amount of light output their setting. The Precise PPFD feature maps measured photometric data to your grow room and calculates the average PPFD value across the canopy in real-time.

Growcast sets the light output using quantifiable data and provides power consumption and efficiency monitoring.

  • Replace mechanical timers with smooth on/off dimming

With a Growcast connected you don’t need any heavy-duty contactor panels to switch your Grow lights on and off. The Sunrise/Sunset feature smoothly dims your lights on and off from standby mode.

By gradually changing the power consumption you protect your equipment from current surges caused by switching large AC loads.

  • Future-proof technology

When new features are developed you won’t get left behind. You can update the Growcast software wirelessly with just a few taps of the Telos App. 

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