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Title: The Growers Guide - Coco Coir & Soil
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Rich Hamilton’s horticultural book series ‘The Growers Guide’ gives you an easy and concise way to get into hydroponics. You’ll find out all the knowledge and skills needed to confidently keep an indoor grow room running, right from the beginning to the end. They’re not just for beginners though. The experienced grower can utilise these books to refresh their techniques with new ideas and tips. Hydroponics is constantly changing!

Inside the books you’ll find plenty of recommendations and advice, along with colourful images, diagrams and even step-by-step instructions where necessary. You’ll also find; shopping lists with all the recommended gear; feeding schedule ideas; conversion tables to make taking measurements simple; and notes pages at the back for you to track your grows.

The full series includes three books with each one focused on a different area: Coco Coir & Soil, Bubblers DWC and Organics. It means there’s a good range of information to be discovered across the board, and there’s even more to come.

These comprehensive guides are filled with years of indoor gardening experience, and aim to give you the basic tools needed to start yourself as well as nurture the knowledge you already have. Perfect for those who like a visual prompt whilst working.

  • Book 1 Coco Coir & Soil: 188 pages
  • Book 2 Bubblers DWC: 188 pages
  • Book 3 Organics: 188 pages
  • Book 4 Passive Watering Systems 188 pages

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