Trolmaster WCS2 Aqua-X 3 in 1

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The WCS-2 Water Content Sensor by TrolMaster is specially designed to measure the percentage of water content, temperature, and EC of the grow media. This product is compatible only with Aqua-X, Aqua-x Pro, or Hydro-X Pro Control System.

When utilizing the WCS-2 sensor, it is important to note that it comes equipped with a five-prong sensor assembly which is connected to an LCD communication module consisting of a display screen and button. To initiate its usage, simply insert the sensor into the grow media (such as soil, coco, or Rockwool). It is worth mentioning that unlike the Bluelab Pulse Soil Moisture sensor, the WCS-2 is compatible with Rockwool.

For optimal placement, it is recommended to insert the prong horizontally approximately one-third of the way up from the bottom of the grow media container or rockwool block.

It is possible to link several Water Content Sensors to the NFS-1 controller, up to a maximum of 8. With the Aqua-X Pro NFS-2, you can view the readings for three parameters (grow medium temperature, moisture level, and EC) for each sensor separately.

By utilizing TrolMaster's complimentary TM+ application, you can conveniently monitor the water content percentage, temperature, and EC of your growing media straight from your Smartphone. The app also allows you to access historical data graphs and receive alerts in the event that the WCS-2 readings surpass your preset alarm settings, whether they be highest or lowest.

Please note that for accurate data measurement, the cord must be installed to the side and not up or down. Proper installation is crucial to ensure optimal performance and accurate results from the sensor.

The WCS-2 provides real-time information displayed on the WCS module, NFS-1, NFS-2, HCS-2 and a smartphone app. To use the app, connect your station to a router with a PAYG sim, such as the Tenda 4g Router or the Huawei B311. Look for a router that can run on a PAYG Sim, not a phone line.

You can connect up to 8 WCS-1 sensors to one Aqua-X unit. In case of multiple connections, the displayed value will be an average of all the sensors linked.



  • LCD Display, easy operation 
  • Addressing button 
  • Real-time measuring of water content, temperature & EC of growing medium 
  • Alarm and mobile notification when setpoint exceeded


Absolute Maximum Ratings

  • Supply Voltage: 10.8 - 13.2 volts
  • Input Current: 100 - 200 mA
  • Operating Current: 140 typical mA (supply voltage = 12V)
  • Operating Temperature: 32°- 122°F
  • Storage Temperature: 0°- 140°F
  • Humidity: ≤90% 

Measurement Performance

Water Content (WC)

  • Range: 0 - 10 %
  • Resolution: 1 %
  • Accuracy: -2 - +2%


  • Range: 0°- 122°F
  • Resolution: 0.1 °F
  • Accuracy: -1 - +1 °F

Electrical Conductivity (EC)

  • Range: 0 - 5 mS/cm
  • Resolution: 0.01 mS/cm
  • Accuracy: -0.2 - +0.2 mS/cm

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