Twin Coolshade Reflector

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The Coolshade Twin reflector is an effective way of keeping your grow room temperatures down. The patented tubular design is the same as the Coolshade but has the advantage of adding two bulbs to double your light output.

Air is blown through the coolshade, directly cooling the lamp and removing hot air from inside. Thus, the glass of the cool tube only gets warm, meaning your reflector can be placed closer to your plants compared to non-air cooled reflectors, and prevents the air in your grow room from getting too hot.

Designed for use with any horizontally mounted 400W or 600W HPS or MH lamp. It is recommended that the extractor fan should be connected on the inlet side of the cool tube so it blows cold air through rather than sucking hot air out.

It fits perfectly in a 1.2 metre tent.

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