Uvonair UV-80H

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The Uvonair UV-80H is an in-duct ozone generator that uses ultraviolet, rather than coronal discharge, to produce ozone to neutralise grow room odours as well as eradicating harmful bacteria, moulds and micro-organisms.

Designed to be used with an 8”/200mm extraction of a fan, filter and ducting, the Uvonair UV-80H will produce 135mg of ozone when on low setting (1 bulb) for rooms of up to 5000 cubic feet or 270mg of ozone when on the high setting (2 bulbs) for rooms of up to 10,000 cubic feet.


  • Eradicates unwanted grow room smells, bacteria and micro-organisms
  • Uses ultraviolet to generate ozone
  • Use in conjunction with standard 8" grow room extraction
  • Features 2 power settings of Low and High
  • Can be used with ducting reducers
  • Replacement bulbs available
  • It is not a replacement for Carbon Filters and should be used in conjunction with them


  • Ozone can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and is considered a HEALTH HAZARD if precautions are ignored
  • Humans and animals should NOT be in the vicinity of the extracted air due to increased Ozone levels
  • DO NOT extract the air where humans and animals are likely to congregate
  • DO NOT inhale the air coming directly from the generator or ducting

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