Variispeed Fan Speed Controller

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The Variispeed Fan Speed Controller is a cost effective and simple way to manually adjust the airflow of your intake or extraction fan to help your grow room maintain its optimum temperature at all times.

Setting up the Variispeed Fan Speed Controller couldn’t be easier, just plug your fan into the device, then plug the device into the power supply or timer and that’s it, there’s no need for complicated equipment or probes to monitor the temperature.

Adjusting the airflow on the Variispeed Fan Speed Controller is simply done using the dial on the front, turn it down to reduce the airflow, ideal when the ambient temperature is cooler, or when lights are off, meaning warm air will stay in the grow room longer, or increase the airflow on hot days so warm air will be exchanged quicker and both will help you to maintain a perfect temperature in your grow room, all year round.

The measurements of this stylish unit are 53mm x 63mm x 98mm and it can run a fan of up to 300w or 8”/200mm in size, but please check the power rating of your fan before use.


  • Simple and cost effective way to control the speed of a single fan
  • Manually adjust airflow to desired level
  • Easy to set up and use, additional temperature probes are not required
  • For use with fan ratings of up to 300w or 8”/200mm

So if you're looking for a cheap and easy way to manually control a single intake or extraction fan, then look no further than the Variispeed Fan Speed Controller.

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