Veg and Bloom RO/Soft Base

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 Veg and Bloom RO/Soft Base is expertly designed to simplify the process of growing in hydroponic media, such as rockwool, clay pebbles, and Lava-Lite Hydro-Gro+. These powdered nutrients are crafted for large-scale growers, where even the slightest improvement in performance can have significant benefits. With the goal of maximizing plant growth, it's no surprise that this range has received exceptional reviews from customers. 

Formulated for use in areas with soft water and starting EC levels below 0.3, Veg and Bloom RO/Soft Base is ideal for RO water. The RO filtration process, such as the Growmax Mega Grow filter, removes all impurities, including dissolved minerals, from the water. For hard water areas, consider using Tap/Hard.

Veg and Bloom RO/Soft Base offers a comprehensive blend of macro and micronutrients to promote plant health. Additionally, it includes vital components like amino acids, fluvial acids, bioactive growth stimulants, and silica. Hydroponic experts at Hydroponic Research have combined multiple bottles into one convenient powder, saving you both money and labour. Unlike other nutrient brands, this all-in-one solution eliminates the need to purchase individual ingredients.

Maximize your fruit development with Veg and Bloom RO/Soft Base, which contains the perfect balance of nutrients for a full grow. Consider using Shine during week three of flower for even more phosphorus and potassium (PK 22-12) to help accelerate growth.


  • Powdered nutrients - the first choice for many professional growers
  • Part of a simple and effective feeding schedule - everything's combined into a handful of products
  • Optimised for reverse osmosis (RO) filters and soft water
  • Comes in powder form - first choice of many professional growers
  • Produces great results, from rooted cuttings to the end of the bloom phase
  • Perfect for all hydroponics systems as well as coco coir, and even peat moss
  • Teams up nicely with ShinePush, and Stackswell
  • Made in California


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