Veg+Bloom Ro/Soft Base - 1LB

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VEG + BLOOM RO/SOFT is perfect for all hydroponic applications e.g. coco and rock wool. V+B is specially formulated for soft water and contains everything in a one part powder as opposed to other liquid multi-part nutrient's. After V+B is dissolved in your final volume of water, the solution will now contain the essential nutrients for maximum growth potential. V+B includes what other nutrients companies sell as additives, such as amino, silica, fulvic acids and bioactive growth stimulants, all as a standard component at no extra cost.


  • Simple
    Using Powders can simplify your work. Avoid complicated feeding schedules. Simply mix a few scoops of VEG + BLOOM powder into your water and feed.
  • Affordable
    Unlike liquid nutrients, VEG+BLOOM hybrid powders combine many ingredients into one bottle. Effective cost-cutting results.
  • Complete
    Mixed by chemists to ensure no negative chemical reactions, VEG+BLOOM contains the essential elements and additives your plants need.

For optimum results, use with SHINE

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