VitaLink Clay Pebbles - 45L

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VitaLink Clay Pebbles offer strong structural integrity and enable good root aeration and development. They have a lower bulk density than clay pebbles of other brands, which means they are more porous and have a better ability to retain water. These pebbles are also irregularly shaped, increasing their surface area compared to rounded pebbles thus allowing the plants more contact with nutrient solution.

The VitaLink Clay Pebbles are 8-20mm clay pellets, perfect for growing hydroponically. The lower bulk density of the clay pellets means they are lighter, giving better water retention and aeration.

The tumbled surface ensures that sharp edges are non-existent, making your plants and delicate roots safe from being damaged which in effect could make them vulnerable to disease.

The pellets are extremely stable in pH and EC, and will help to avoid excess acidity build up. As well as this, their strong structural reliability means they are less likely to break. Broken clay pellets can of course block dripper systems, and we don’t want that!

VitaLink Clay Pebbles are ideal for flood and drain systems, as well as the IWS and Wilma systems. The pebbles can drain freely without holding excessive water, providing good oxygen levels around the roots. This oxygen exchange is essential in keeping the roots healthy and growing.


  • They have a very stable EC and pH, meaning they will not significantly change the pH of your nutrient solution, or leak undesired minerals into it
  • Free draining substrate
  • No sharp edges
  • Strong structural integrity
  • Provides great aeration levels for roots

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