VitaLink Foliar

Title: VitaLink Foliar - 250ml
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VitaLink Foliar is, as the name suggests, a foliar spray that’s rich in calcium, an element that plants require a large amount of to help with the growth and development of cell walls, making plants not only healthy, but also strong so that they can support an abundance of fruits and flowers during bloom.

Calcium however has poor mobility, so applying it to the plant as a foliar spray, instead of drench feed, rapidly increases its availability and usability as when spraying VitaLink Foliar onto the leaves, this ensures the calcium gets to where its needed, to help promote outstanding flowering, as well as an increased resistance to pests and diseases.

VitaLink Foliar is ideal for those growing in a coco medium, but can also be used in soil and hydroponic mediums to help boost your overall plants health and strength with the increased calcium levels.


  • Calcium rich foliar spray
  • Improves the plants overall health and strength
  • Increases the plants resistance to pests & diseases
  • Helps to promote outstanding flowering


  • 100ml per litre sprayed once a week on and around the leaves.

Use VitaLink Foliar only under low light or when lights are due to be switched off, using when lights are on, or of a high intensity, can result in the burning of leaves.

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