VitaLink Hydrate - 250ml

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VitaLink Hydrate is a fantastic new product that protects and aids plants at times of drought or, for what ever reason, they don’t have a regular feeding regime, for example, a pump has failed or your unable to feed them at the required time on a regular basis, meaning your plants could be subject to periods of drought.

Hydrate by VitaLink will help plants cope with the stresses that are associated with drought or regular feed interruptions meaning the grow media dries out too much as Hydrate aids with the storage of carbohydrates and sugars, this then improves the plants root zone, meaning plants will thrive in dry & arid conditions which are less than ideal.

VitaLink Hydrate can be used as a root drench and foliar feed.


  • Protects plants from stress during times of drought
  • Aids with the storage of carbohydrates and sugars
  • Improves the plants root zone
  • Can be used throughout vegetative growth and flowering


Root drench:

    • 0.2-0.6ml per litre of water

Foliar feed:

    • 5ml per litre once a week and do not spray until run off

You can also download the VitaLink Feed Charts and watch an informative video below.

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