VitaLink Hydro Max Grow (A&B) - 10L

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VitaLink Hydro Max is a two part (A&B) complete base nutrient for use in all hydroponic systems and as both Grow & Bloom formulas are available, it can be used from vegetative growth right through until one week before flush.

Hydro Max special formula, as well as including the essential base nutrients for healthy plants with explosive growth and flower development, it also contains additional EDDHA, which increases the iron availability (chelating), and fulvic acid to help increase the overall nutrient uptake by the root system. The EDDHA can also change the colour of the nutrient solution to a shade of red, don’t be alarmed, this is just the additional availability of iron and remember, just because its red, it doesn’t mean its dangerous or harmful, as in this case its quite the opposite!

VitaLink Hydro Max can be used in all hydroponic systems, for example, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Flood & Drain, Drip Irrigation Systems or Deep Water Culture (DWC) using common hydroponic grow mediums such as clay pebbles, perlite and rockwool.


  • Complete two part Grow & Bloom nutrient base feeds
  • Specially formulated for use in all hydroponic systems
  • Additional EDDHA to enhance the iron availability
  • Promotes healthy vegetative growth & explosive fruit/flower development


Hydro Max Grow

  • 1-2ml per litre 1st week of vegetative growth
  • 3-4ml per litre 2nd-3rd of vegetative growth

Hydro Max Bloom

  • 3-4ml per litre from week 2 to week 7 of bloom

Please Note:

Although VitaLInk Hydro Max is available in Soft and Hard water, we only stock the Soft Water version, the Hard Water version is for special order and if not specified at check out, we will send the Soft Water version.

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