VitaLink PK 13/14 - 250ml

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VitaLink PK 13/14 is a highly concentrated potassium and phosphorus supplement with a ratio of, yes you guessed it, 13:14. During a plants peak flowering period, around week 7, an increased level of potassium and phosphorus is required, along with an greater ratio between potassium and nitrogen, this accelerates the reproductive processes, meaning that the plants energy will be focused on faster fruit and flower production which ultimately gives increased yields at harvest.

For those that use VitaLink Buddy during flowering, DO NOT use PK 13/14 and Buddy together, stop using Buddy for 1 week only around week 7, use PK 13/14 at the recommended dose, then switch back to using Buddy for the penultimate week until flush.


  • Potassium & phosphorus supplement to help increase final yields
  • Faster and improved fruit and flower production
  • Enhances overall plant health during late flowering
  • Can be used in all grow systems whether hydroponic, coco or soil


  • 2ml per litre from week 1 of vegetative growth until the penultimate week of flower.

You can also download the VitaLink Feed Charts and watch an informative video below.


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