VitaLink RootStim - 5L

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VitaLink RootStim is exactly what you think it is, a root stimulator whose formula contains high quality seaweed extracts with natural bio-stimulant properties and hormones. These encourage the roots to grow long, strong and to help maintain a high rate of root hair formation.

RootStim by ViatLink should be used at the very early stages of a plants life to encourage not only rapid root growth, but also keeping the roots strong and healthy. RootStim is not just for young plants as it can be used at any stage of the life cycle up until week 7 of bloom, as a strong and healthy root zone mean better nutrient uptake, resulting in strong and healthy plants with bountiful fruits and flowers.

VitaLink RootStim can also be used in any grow systems whether its hydroponics, coco or soil mediums.


  • Promotes a strong and healthy root zone
  • Derived from high quality seaweed extracts, bio-stimulants and hormones
  • Healthy roots mean improved nutrient uptake
  • Can be used in all grow mediums


  • 1ml per litre for the first week of vegetative growth then 0.5ml per litre until week 7 of bloom.

You can also download the VitaLink Feed Charts and watch an informative video below.

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