VitaLink Turbo

Title: VitaLink Turbo - 250ml
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VitaLink Turbo contains L-amino acids and brassinosteroids, giving your plants a substantial boost and helping to increase the size of both the plant and the flower.

L-amino acids are key for building protein – a vital component of plant growth. Produced by microorganisms, L-amino acids are easily absorbed by plant cells, and hydroponically-grown plants will respond to these in the same way as plants grown in high quality organic soils.

Brassinosteroids are the most potent of all plant hormones, and will work at very low concentrations. These signalling compounds tell the plant where to focus its energy and in turn stimulate cell division and elongation, contributing to the fast increase in size and weight of the plant.


  • Increases plant weight and flower size
  • Stimulates cell division and elongation
  • For use in soil, coco and hydro
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • For best results, use alongside VitaLink base nutrients and supplements.


Use 1ml per litre from halfway through vegetative growth and during weeks 1-7 of bloom.

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