AutoPot Water Butts, Tanks & Filters

Title: Autopot Water Butt Tap
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AutoPot offer a wide range of water butts and tanks to suit any scale and gardener. Utilising the correct size water butt will ensure you conserve water, as well as making sure your plants have enough water when you’re away. All AutoPot tanks can be easily adapted and connected to the mains using a ball-cock in the tank. This method will provide you with a constant level of water in the tank.

We have 30L and 47L tanks, 100L water butts, 250L slim water butts and the 225L flexitank.

The FlexiTank is lightweight, durable and fully collapsible. It will revolutionise water storage for gardeners on both a domestic and commercial scale. These flexible tanks are easy to assemble and require no tools, folding away into one compact box when not in use.

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