Origin 4 Pot XL 25L Complete (90cm x 90cm)

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The Origin (Wilma) is one of the most versatile hydroponic grow systems currently available, utilising a pot system, meaning you can grow in any medium, clay pebbles, rockwool, coco or soil. They are also an ideal choice for those wanting to make the move from hand watering pot style growing in coco or soil, to a fully automated dripper system along with the increased yields hydroponic systems are known for delivering.

The Origin (Wilma) works by uses a pump to deliver the nutrient solution through the drippers into the tops of each pot, this then circulates around the root zone while any excess drains through the medium, back into the reservoir and is then re-circulated to drip back into the pots at the next scheduled feed.

To control when your plants are fed, the Wilma dripper system uses a timer (purchased separately) that allows you to set the number of feeds per 24 hour cycle and depending on the medium used, for young plants it can be 1-3 times per day and up to 6+ times a day for more mature or flowering plants.

The Origin (Wilma) hydroponic dripper system has also been specifically designed with a low profile, meaning that it takes up minimal vertical space leaving more room to fill out your grow space with plants, fruits and flowers, rather than bulky hydroponics equipment.

The system also comes with both Flood Drippers and Arrow Drippers, which should be used as follows:

  • Flood Drippers – Clay Pebbles
    When growing in clay pebbles, the Flood Drippers should be used, for young plants, the feeding schedule should be set to around 1-3 times a day, as the plants grow, this should be increased to around 6 times per day. An imperium controller can also be used as the plant matures to set up shorter, but more frequent feeds as this will help maximize oxygenation & nutrient solution uptake
  • Arrow Drippers – Rockwool
    For Rockwool, use the Arrow Drippers, initially for young plants & seedlings use a rate of 2 feeds per day, this should then be increased as the plants grow to a maximum of 5 feeds per 24 hours. Like when growing in Clay Pebbles, an imperium controller can be used for shorter, more frequent feeds to maximize oxygenation & nutrient solution uptake.
  • Arrow Drippers – Soil & Coco
    For Soil or Coco, the Arrow Drippers should be used, as these mediums hold the nutrient solution, young plants should only be fed once a day, as they grow, the feed should be increased as and when needed, with mature and flowering plants requiring around 5 feeds per 24 hours. And as with Rockwool & Clay Pebbles, an imperium controller can be used for shorter, more frequent feeds to maximize oxygenation & nutrient solution uptake.


  • Origin uses a timer* to drip nutrient solution into the tops of the system's pots at the same times every day, several times per day.
  • Any run-off drains back into the tank so roots don't rot.
  • The Origin reservoir holds between 30 and 180 litres of nutrient solution - depending on which size Origin you choose, so there's no need to visit your plants every day.

*This product requires a segmental timer to control feed times and duration.


  • 90cm x 90cm x 20cm Tray
  • 8 x 11L Pots or 4 x 18L or 4 x 25L Pots
  • 70L Reservoir Tank
  • Flood Drippers & Arrow Drippers
  • Pump & Delivery System
  • Full set up & maintenance instructions


When using an Origin (Wilma) Dripper System never let the level of nutrient solution in the reservoir tank drop below the pump.

Always check the pH & EC levels of newly mixed solutions and any remaining solution in the tank as plants can take on more water than nutrients, meaning pH & EC levels can increase/decrease.

Remember, the feeding times are only a guide and not set in concrete, many different factors comes into play, for example temperatures, humidity, lighting system or type of plants, so growers need to know the signs of under or over feeding and adjust the feeding regime accordingly.

Timers are not included in the system, we do however recommend the Grasslin Segmental Timer which is reliable, robust and can be set to 15 minute intervals.

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