Windowed Grove Bags

Size: 28g
Sale price£1.60


Grove Bags use TerpLoc® technology to maintain produce freshness, preserving and intensifying flavors and aromas. They are custom designed to enhance the unique properties of commonly grown plants in the industry.

Curing is a crucial step in the indoor growing process, often overlooked. When done properly, curing helps break down chlorophyll and enhances flavors and aromas, resulting in a better end-product. TerpLoc® technology simplifies the curing process by maintaining the contents of each Grove Bag at the optimal humidity level, between 58% and 62%.

Grove Bags combine active humidity control with antimicrobial properties and low oxygen transfer rates. This maintains the integrity of your produce while preventing mold issues. Mold can spread throughout the harvest if not kept in check. By using Grove Bags, you can cure your produce with extra peace of mind.

Low humidity can be just as problematic as high humidity for your produce. If your plants get too dry, they can lose weight, which can shrink your margins. Grove Bags make it easy by maintaining the perfect humidity levels for you.

If you want to enhance the effects further, Grove Bags can be heat-sealed, increasing performance by around 2%.

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