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Mills Vitalize: Elevating Your Garden with Superior Silicon Supplementation


Mills Nutrients Vitalize

In the world of plant nutrition, silicon is gaining recognition for its role in promoting robust growth and resilience. Among the myriad silicon products available, Mills Vitalize emerges as a standout choice, surpassing its counterparts in the market. Let's delve into what sets Mills Vitalize apart and why it stands head and shoulders above other silicon supplements.


Bioavailable Silica Complex:

Mills Vitalize boasts a unique formulation featuring a highly bioavailable silica complex. This form of silica is readily absorbed by plants, ensuring efficient utilisation and maximum benefit. The result is enhanced structural strength and increased resistance to stresses.


Rapid Uptake and Translocation:

Unlike some silicon products that may have slower uptake rates, Mills Vitalize is designed for rapid absorption and translocation within the plant. This means that the benefits of silicon become quickly available to all parts of the plant, contributing to overall vigour.


Strengthens Cell Walls and Structural Integrity:

Mills Vitalize excels in fortifying plant cell walls and enhancing structural integrity. This strengthened cellular framework not only provides support for heavy flowers or fruits but also acts as a formidable defence against environmental pressures, such as pests and diseases.


Boosts Photosynthetic Efficiency:

Silicon's role in improving photosynthetic efficiency is well-established, and Mills Vitalize takes this a step further. By facilitating better light absorption and utilization, this silicon supplement contributes to increased energy production, leading to healthier and more productive plants.


Resilience to Abiotic Stress:

Mills Vitalize stands out for its ability to confer resilience to abiotic stress factors, such as drought, temperature fluctuations, and nutrient imbalances. This means your plants are better equipped to withstand adverse conditions, resulting in more consistent growth and performance.


Comprehensive Nutrient Uptake:

In addition to silicon, Mills Vitalize supports the uptake of other essential nutrients. Its synergistic effects enhance the overall nutrient efficiency of your plants, ensuring they have access to the elements necessary for optimal growth.


Compatibility with Various Growing Media:

Mills Vitalize is versatile in its application, seamlessly integrating into various growing media and cultivation systems. Whether you're using soil, coco coir, or hydroponics, Mills Vitalize complements your chosen method, providing a flexible solution for growers.


Minimal Residue Concerns:

Some silicon products may raise concerns about potential residues, affecting the taste and quality of crops. Mills Vitalize is formulated with a focus on minimal residue, ensuring that your harvest maintains its purity and natural flavours.


Proven Results in Diverse Crops:

Mills Vitalize has earned its reputation through proven results across diverse crops. From ornamental plants to fruits and vegetables, growers consistently report improvements in plant health, yield, and overall vitality when incorporating Mills Vitalize into their regime.


In conclusion, Mills Vitalize stands as a testament to innovation in silicon supplementation, offering a superior solution for growers seeking unparalleled benefits for their plants. As you navigate the silicon landscape, consider the unique advantages that Mills Vitalize brings to your garden, and witness the transformative impact on your plants' strength, resilience, and overall well-being.


This is a Holland Horticulture top pick and our biggest selling silicon supplement both online and in store.


· Also add into nutrient solution first, before adding any other products.

· Use 0.2ml/L throughout the vegetative stage, and into the first 4 weeks of flowering. Use at a rate of 0.1ml/L for the last 4 weeks.


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